Pictures from Beijing trip

I had an awesome trip to Beijing in October to speak at an IP conference at Peking University with Fed Cir Chief Judge Rader, ITC Administrative Law Judge Essex, Magistrate Judge Grewal (Northern District of CA), and UW Law Dean Testy. We also made some comments at a session with the attorneys from China’s largest law firm, Dacheng Law Offices. And best of all, CJ Rader and I performed a few sets of our rock songs with a stellar back up band of students from the Central Conservatory of Music at a conference reception. Had a lot of fun, but definitely missed our normal Denovo lineup!

Special thanks to Dacheng Law Offices, Jeff Wang at WHGC law firm, Peking University Law School, and especially Max Shu, a current IP LLM student at UW Law, who took such good care of us and made for a memorable trip!

Finally getting a chance to post some pictures.


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Sean O’Connor is the Boeing International Professor at the University of Washington School of Law (Seattle). He is also Chair of the Center for Advanced Study and Research on Innovation Policy and Faculty Director of the Cannabis Law &B Policy Project. With a diverse background in music, technology, philosophy, history, business, and law, he specializes in legal issues and strategies for entrepreneurship and the commercialization of innovation in biotechnology, information technology, and new media/digital arts.
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