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Crowdfunding’s Impact on Start-Up IP Strategy

[The following is summarized from my forthcoming article in the George Mason Law Review] Crowdfunding has been heralded as a revolutionary and democratic way to connect ordinary individuals with innovative projects they would like to support. The version involving equity … Continue reading

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More on the new WA Social Purpose Corporation act

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect further on the WA State Social Purpose Corporation Act (“SPCA”) passed by the Legislature, I’ve amended my earlier post to remove my concern that the new act does not fully free ride … Continue reading

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Washington State Legislature Passes New Social Purpose Corporation Law

Today, the WA State Legislature passed SHB 2239 to create a new Social Purpose Corporation Law within the Washington Business Corporation Act. Governor Gregoire is expected to sign it into law sometime before March 31. Before this, Washington State did … Continue reading

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Kent Greenfield and “The Myth of Choice”

Boston College law professor and author Kent Greenfield was in town yesterday to give a thought-provoking colloquium to the UW Law faculty on his new book The Myth of Choice. Through vivid and entertaining visuals and anecdotes he synthesized much … Continue reading

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