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Google Magenta’s AI melody and 4 Canadian songwriters

Google’s Magenta¬†artificial intelligence (AI) project produced a basic piano melody that was then given a drum machine background (apparently added by humans not an AI program) and released to the public: Canadian media outlet The Star had four songwriters … Continue reading

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Update to music remixing vs. remastering

In response to my last post on remixing versus remastering, Kevin Erickson of the Future of Music Coalition helpfully pointed out some further nuances in the distinction between the two.

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Music Remixing vs. Remastering: What was licensed in the ABS v. CBS lawsuit?

Should new digital versions of classic old analog recordings sound essentially the same as the originals, or provide a fresh take on them? For some record labels with valuable old sound recordings, licenses that should have established the labels’ decisions … Continue reading

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Why “Stairway to Heaven” Doesn’t Infringe “Taurus” Copyright: analysis & demo of “scenes a faire” motif common to both

[Updated with more accurate embed and analysis of fourth descending tone in Stairway to Heaven] Jimmy Page brought his guitar to court today. He’s defending his guitar part composition that forms the basis of the iconic¬†Stairway to Heaven from allegations … Continue reading

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Digital First Sale at Asia-Pacific IP Forum

Recently I spoke on digital first sale at the 2014 Asia-Pacific IP Forum, an annual event that rotates amongst the partner law schools including UW, Seoul National University, East China University, and others. The event was hosted in Seoul Korea … Continue reading

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