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The “performance” aspect of professional practice

Another interesting article in NY Times today. This time focusing on how some doctors are realizing that they are “performing” when providing their services: What Doctors Can Learn From Musicians Even more intriguing from my perspective is the following statement … Continue reading

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The line between basic and applied research; episteme/science vs techne/art

Exactly two months since my last blog post–not sure where the time went! A NY Times article today provides an excellent story to illustrate the distinction (and hand-off point) between basic and applied research. For purposes of my Means of … Continue reading

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Kent Greenfield and “The Myth of Choice”

Boston College law professor and author Kent Greenfield was in town yesterday to give a thought-provoking colloquium to the UW Law faculty on his new book The Myth of Choice. Through vivid and entertaining visuals and anecdotes he synthesized much … Continue reading

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Great Example of an “Innovation Producer”

An article in the NYT a few days ago featured a young woman who managed to “invent” a prosthetic limb that would reduce phantom limb pain in amputees. The story is great for many reasons. But my focus here is … Continue reading

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The Aftermath of Stanford v. Roche: Which Law of Assignments Governs?

Today, I’m reposting part two of the posts I wrote for the IPilogue on Stanford v. Roche. Yesterday, I posted a summary of the background issues involved in the United States Supreme Court case of Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University … Continue reading

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