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Digital First Sale at Asia-Pacific IP Forum

Recently I spoke on digital first sale at the 2014 Asia-Pacific IP Forum, an annual event that rotates amongst the partner law schools including UW, Seoul National University, East China University, and others. The event was hosted in Seoul Korea … Continue reading

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USPTO Cancellation of Redskins trademark does not mean the end of the mark/name

The media is treating the TTAB’s cancellation of 6 of the Redskins’ trademarks as if this is the end of the name/mark (pending appeal). But, as the TTAB itself points out, federal registration is not the totality of trademark … Continue reading

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Corbis’ new “GreenLight” stock/commercial music licensing service

I just found out about an intriguing new service in the digital music space. Called “GreenLight Music” it has just launched in beta. A good friend of mine tipped me off as he is leaving his law firm to be … Continue reading

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The “performance” aspect of professional practice

Another interesting article in NY Times today. This time focusing on how some doctors are realizing that they are “performing” when providing their services: What Doctors Can Learn From Musicians Even more intriguing from my perspective is the following statement … Continue reading

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Reading the Fine Print: WikiLeaks, Twitter, and Website Terms of Service/Privacy Policies

Last week, Judge Liam O’Grady of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued a ruling denying three individuals’ objections to an order permitting the U.S. Government to access information about internet protocol (IP) addresses and other … Continue reading

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