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USPTO Director Kappos comes out swinging in defense of software patents

Perhaps emboldened by the re-election of President Obama, USPTO Director David Kappos gave a remarkable speech yesterday at the Center for American Progress defending software patents–and the patent system generally. Not mincing words he criticized those who lament that the … Continue reading

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Does Law School Really Need to Take Three Years?

NYU Law is the latest school to revamp its 3L curriculum to address the clear problems with traditional legal education: While this is generally good news, the New York Times coverage of the announcement noted that a key premise … Continue reading

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More on the new WA Social Purpose Corporation act

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect further on the WA State Social Purpose Corporation Act (“SPCA”) passed by the Legislature, I’ve amended my earlier post to remove my concern that the new act does not fully free ride … Continue reading

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The “performance” aspect of professional practice

Another interesting article in NY Times today. This time focusing on how some doctors are realizing that they are “performing” when providing their services: What Doctors Can Learn From Musicians Even more intriguing from my perspective is the following statement … Continue reading

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