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Corbis’ new “GreenLight” stock/commercial music licensing service

I just found out about an intriguing new service in the digital music space. Called “GreenLight Music” it has just launched in beta. A good friend of mine tipped me off as he is leaving his law firm to be … Continue reading

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More on YouTube’s “ContentID”

An intern in our fabulous Gallagher Law Library at UW Law posted this entry about YouTube’s ContentID system on Gallagher Blogs: A Case of Mistaken ContentID Thanks to Mary Whisner for pointing this out.  

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More on the new WA Social Purpose Corporation act

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect further on the WA State Social Purpose Corporation Act (“SPCA”) passed by the Legislature, I’ve amended my earlier post to remove my concern that the new act does not fully free ride … Continue reading

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Washington State Legislature Passes New Social Purpose Corporation Law

Today, the WA State Legislature passed SHB 2239 to create a new Social Purpose Corporation Law within the Washington Business Corporation Act. Governor Gregoire is expected to sign it into law sometime before March 31. Before this, Washington State did … Continue reading

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“Don’t tell J.” Does the Use of Initials Lessen The Fallout of Damaging Emails?

I’ve done it, frankly, because other people do it. Maybe you do it too. When we’re talking about someone not on the email thread in an unflattering light, we start using their initials. When we talk about them in a … Continue reading

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