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Now this might explain Director Kappos’ comments at CAP . . .

In my last post I speculated idly that perhaps the re-election of President Obama was what emboldened Director Kappos to present a surprisingly pointed and strong defense of software patents at the Center for American Progress. But in a further … Continue reading

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USPTO Director Kappos comes out swinging in defense of software patents

Perhaps emboldened by the re-election of President Obama, USPTO Director David Kappos gave a remarkable speech yesterday at the Center for American Progress defending software patents–and the patent system generally. Not mincing words he criticized those who lament that the … Continue reading

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Does Law School Really Need to Take Three Years?

NYU Law is the latest school to revamp its 3L curriculum to address the clear problems with traditional legal education: While this is generally good news, the New York Times coverage of the announcement noted that a key premise … Continue reading

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